Operation: Legacy

Wed 12 Apr - Fri 14 Apr (19:30)

Main Auditorium- Unreserved
Young Adult Drama

What does our future look like?
How did we get to this point?

Where do we find the answers?
When will promises be kept and changes made?
Who can we speak to?

Featuring live performance and original music, this bold new work reflects, represents, and celebrates the voice of young people in Cumbernauld today: the voice of a generation whose futures depend on world leaders sticking to their promises and safeguarding our world for their futures. Those moments that change your life forever – staged at a pivotal time in history.

Who will listen to us?

If you are aged 14-24, we would love to hear from you and for your voice to shape this work. Find out more here.


  • 12Apr

      Wed 19:30pm
      Main Auditorium- Unreserved

      Tickets £5.00-10.00.

    • 13Apr

        Thu 19:30pm
        Main Auditorium- Unreserved

        Tickets £5.00-10.00.

      • 14Apr

          Fri 19:30pm
          Main Auditorium- Unreserved

          Tickets £5.00-10.00.

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