A double dose of Hitchcock’s Vertigo

Join us for a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Vertigo, and the Hitchcock-inspired ‘Ferguson and Barton’ by Shotput Dance Company.

Join us for a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Vertigo. Private Detective John Ferguson is tasked with following Madeleine Elster as she rambles across an atmospheric 1950s San Francisco, apparently possessed by a ghost. But in a classic twist, audiences are asked if this is a tale of possession, obsession, or manipulation. Named the best film of all time by the BFI’s last poll in 2012, Vertigo is the inspiration for a new piece of dance-theatre touring to Lanternhouse.

In Ferguson and Barton – by Scottish company Shotput – a man and a woman work through the subtle power dynamics of their own relationship after watching Hitchcock’s film. Through this strange exploration, the man and woman question Hollywood norms and see each other anew. Though you can enjoy the film and the live show on their own, this is a chance to see both together – and should hopefully strike up some lively discussions about power, gender, and movies.

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Vertigo (1958) (PG)
Tue 13 Sep (19:00)
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Ferguson and Barton
Sat 17 Sep (19:30)
Main Auditorium
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Rachel Murphy

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