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Lanternhouse is a performing arts centre jointly managed by North Lanarkshire Council and Cumbernauld Theatre, a third sector arts charity. This unique partnership offers creatively independent, professional, performing arts production and programming capacity and grass roots, community embedded, arts engagement, whilst benefitting from the facility management services of the Public Sector. The hybrid model promotes the local sense of community ownership of the venue, whilst ensuring the venue is managed to the high standards of public sector property management.  

This state-of-the-art venue houses two performance spaces – a 272 seat auditorium and a studio theatre with capacity of 70 to 100 seats, a dance studio for classes, a café /bistro and a bespoke 82-seat cinema. North Lanarkshire Council’s Education and Families manage the café providing inclusive employability training opportunities as part of the service design.  

Lanternhouse facilities and operational model enable the development of a truly creative community. Within a variety of spaces, Lanternhouse offers increased opportunities for artists and creative practitioners, for diverse audiences and activity participants to engage in an inclusive, socially engaged programme of creativity that brings value and makes a lasting impact in improving the lives of people in our community.  

Lanternhouse is a visionary building, built as part of an educational community hub, it embraces a new approach to cross-sector partnership working between Cumbernauld Theatre a professional Theatre production company and locality-based agencies and organisations, such as New College Lanarkshire, the Cumbernauld Academy High School, the Health and Social Care partnership, the Locality Planning Partnership public services.  

North Lanarkshire Council manage community hires and the use of the venue by third parties in partnership with Cumbernauld Theatre. For more information or to register interest, please contact the bookings team on 01698 274545. You can download the interactive booking form here and see our breakdown of costings here.

Cumbernauld Theatre Trust delivers a year-round live arts programme, cinema programme and activities programme: developing, producing and delivering new creative partnerships, projects, relationships and creative portfolio programme that fully delivers creative success in terms of artistic excellence, community engagement, inclusive participation and social impact. 

Lanternhouse is a privately owned property built through Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) investment jointly operated by North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) and Cumbernauld Theatre Trust. The construction of Lanternhouse was financed via the SFT-managed hub community infrastructure programme for local authorities in support of the Scottish Government’s National Infrastructure Mission to drive inclusive economic growth and build resilient places. For more information visit Scottish Futures Trust.

Lanternhouse is a registered trademark (UK00003494622) owned by Cumbernauld Theatre Trust Ltd. 

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