Our VIsion

Cumbernauld Theatre believes in the future of cultural led community development as an active, vital agent in the transformation of communities to be better places to live.  

The arts bring value to people’s lives, encourage social inclusion and broaden perspectives to encourage tolerance and empathy with others. Culture led programmes of investment are a vital ingredient to any strategy to improve communities to make better places to live. 


Recognising the challenging situation that the pandemic has created over the last 2 years, we have been designing projects and creative activities for some of the most isolated or at-risk individuals in North Lanarkshire. As a venue we truly believe that art has the power to change communities, and in turn, change people’s lives.   

Since December 2020, Cumbernauld Theatre has been establishing itself within the community of North Lanarkshire by developing partnerships with various local organisations – such as Who Cares Scotland, REACH, Cumbernauld Action for Care of the Elderly, and the local schools to name but a few.  

In 2020 – 2021 we were keen to ensure that we continued to create opportunities while we were without a venue in the town.

With support from Scottish Government’s Empowering Communities Programme – Investing in Communities Fund, our community engagement programme has supported the creation of digital theatre pieces for senior community members and local care homes, providing creative writing classes for care experienced young people, as well as running community photography groups to help us understand what ‘community’ means to Cumbernauld.  See below for more informaiton on Cumbernauld Through Our Eyes, the community photography that took place from June to September 2021.

We are continue expanding our opportunities within the community of Cumbernauld as well as establishing groups that allow you to directly feed into what the theatre programmes and creates and how our spaces are used. 


Cumbernauld Theatre’s live performance programming is guided by a collaborative artistic programme steering group. 

Composing of 7 Artistic Directors, 4 Board members and 5 staff members and with plans to invite members of the community on board, this group is charged with developing a creative response that echoes the diversity of the community and responds creatively in a way that is relevant to our community. The group is responsible for the executive production strategy that will shape the artistic programme for 2022 – 2025.  

This process also aims to develop new creative partnerships to support delivery of the artistic strategy and to represent Cumbernauld Theatre in the development of future working relationships. 

We’re really excited to become a high-quality cultural hub for the community of Cumbernauld! If you would like to find out how to get involved in the free creative programmes we’re running currently and into the future – or to discuss ways that you can help out – then get in touch with Mark McAvoy, our Community Engagement Manager at mmcavoy@cumbernauldtheatre.co.uk 

For more details on our Creative Learning programme, Take Part, click the button below: 


Cumbernauld Through Our Eyes is a Cumbernauld Theatre Trust community photography project created by Nicola Stead, working with senior members of the Cumbernauld community from June to September 2021. With support from Scottish Government – Empowering Communities Programme – Investing in Communities Fund, the project worked with a group of adults developing photography skills in order to share the social history of Cumbernauld.

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