A Wee Journey

Physical Theatre

By Farah Saleh and Oğuz Kaplangi, in collaboration with the performers.

A choreographed musical journey about migration, A Wee Journey is a timely and relevant piece that fuses dance, music and performance to explore belonging, connection, community and home.

Combining choreography by Farah Saleh, live music and composition by Oğuz Kaplangi, and movement from an ensemble of performers, A Wee Journey is a collaborative piece that centres compassion and empathy to share the lived experience of the artists and their relationship to migration.

Reflecting on a world where constant movement across borders can mean that anyone can become a migrant at any moment, audiences are invited to embark on their own journey in a piece that celebrates diversity, and reflects on the experiences of many people living in Scotland and around the world.

★★★★ – A powerful statement on the importance of free movement

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