A New International

Pop Music

From Glasgow to the world, new Scottish romanticism; a little bit of this and a whole lot of that, A New International are searching for a new pop music.

With three critically-lauded cult albums, a hit theatre show and a string of Radio Scotland singles of the week behind them, singer/songwriter Biff describes ANI’s ethos below –

I always loved the idea of a band that didn’t sound like a band: a band that sounded like, let’s say, a movie or a circus or a funeral or a riot; anything but another dreary band“.

For one night only, ANI present a full band set featuring back catalogue classics and a sneaky peek at new, never-before-seen songs from their fourth album inspired by espionage, epic voyages, tango and trombones.

Jacques Brel meets Ennio Morricone in Barcelona, 1937, lyrics by George Orwell… dangerous, strange and heartbreakingly beautiful

Ricky Ross



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