Cheer Up Slug

Contemporary Drama

Bean and Will were good childhood friends and next door neighbours. Having slightly drifted apart in high school they now find themselves on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition……alone, as no-one else has turned up, including Bean’s boyfriend/Will’s best friend Dean.

Will is taking the expedition extremely seriously as he sees it as a great additional qualification and a way to land a place at university.

Bean is just there for a good time and doesn’t really care about getting the award.

Chaos unfolds as they reminisce about the past, worry about the future, play games, wrestle, drink ‘pink wine mixed with vimto’ and eventually share some dark truths about their lives and uncomfortable and shocking recent experiences.

Is their friendship as good as they thought?

The writer states it is a play about ‘boundaries and behaviour’

The play contains adult themes including strong language and themes of sexual assault. Suitable for age 14+ audiences.


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