Sat 20 Jul (10:30 & 14:00)

Physical Theatre

A willow tree, fiery acrobatics and dance feature in this highly visual family-friendly show.

Forests packs a powerful punch, challenging forestry practices, our over-consumption of timber, the destruction of rainforests, and the displacement of Indigenous Peoples. Performers climb and manipulate the tree, the acrobatic dance sees them throwing, clambering and trampling one another, whilst ropes entangle and bind, before the tree is finally felled amid an explosion of tree-less origami birds.

Forests confronts the systemic racism driving the creation of treeless land, whilst striving to inspire a future of courageous, strong young people. Forests is presented in collaboration with the Rainforest Foundation UK. Securing lands, sustaining lives. RoguePlay is proud to work with RFUK to advocate for human rights and environmental protection through artistic work. 

Forests has been internationally touring since April 2023, performing at City Of Wings Festival Ypres, Massmechelen, Birmingham, Goole and Derby. We have received 5 star reviews and enjoyed 22 performances at Edinburgh Fringe.

Post show workshops provided for audiences include have-a-go at some of the acrobatics you see in the show! We allow audiences to climb and explore the tree in the fallen position and encourage people to try some basic acrobatics on the tree roots. We will also teach you how to make your own bamboo paper origami bird and you can write messages on them for other audience members and donate them back to the show. The workshop is open to all from young ones to grandparents! 

A truly breath-taking experience, and one of vital importance.

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