Hopeful Monsters

Hopeful Monsters is the story of evolution told entirely with hands. They move and morph in unusual ways, becoming unexpected creatures that shapeshift as we journey through water, earth and air.

All living things are made up of the same fundamental building blocks, from simple organisms to giant beasts. It’s a tale of survival and struggle, of connection and transformation, and a reminder of the playfulness of living. After all, we humans are animals too.

For adults and children aged 5+

Post-show play session

This hands-on making session follows on from the show and is also non-verbal. There will be a spoken introduction available in BSL or English to guide you between the performance space and the workshop room to get started at the theatre.

Using your hands as building blocks, what creatures could you become?

Following the performance of Hopeful Monsters there will be a non-verbal play session led by the performers which provides an opportunity to have a go yourself and try things out inspired by the show. You’ll play with props featured in the show to transform your hands into imaginary animals. Will they fly, swim or walk?

Can you copy the shapes the performers made with their hands? Can you invent some of your own? Could you create a creature with someone else combining multiple hands?

The show is 45 minutes long. The post-show play session is between 30-45 minutes long.


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