I Hope Your Flowers Bloom

Contemporary Drama

Flitting between romantic obsession and botanical description, Raymond Wilson’s semi-autobiographical show offers a raw, moving and genuinely funny exploration of healthy masculinity, self-worth and working-class access to nature.

Through his friendship with Flo and her modern nomadic lifestyle, Raymond attempts to escape the greyness of the Glasgow scheme into Scotland’s natural world. But when Flo leaves, so does Raymond’s love of the wilderness. Inside and broken-hearted, he’s forced to admit the things he has neglected in himself and with others, while attempting to reconnect to the outdoors. Directed by Fiona Mackinnon, this 2023 hit of the Fringe is not to be missed.

★★★★ – smart, tender exploration

THE Stage

★★★★ – lovely, hypnotically measured delivery, this clear-sighted piece speaks softly but says a lot.

The Scotsman

★★★★ – a whimsically superb piece of storytelling theatre: simply gorgeous.

Corr Blimey


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