Mia And Me: The Hero Of Centopia (U)

Dates and Times Vary

Animation Cinema, New Cinema

Based on the smash-hit TV series ‘Mia and Me’, a new adventure is about to begin in the mystical land of Centopia!

When Mia discovers that her magical bracelet is entwined with an ancient prophecy, she is transported back into the beautiful unicorn world of Centopia, a world of wonder now under threat from a poisonous and monstrous enemy known as Toxor. Uncertain if she will ever be able to return home, but determined to take destiny into her own hands, Mia and her friends embark on a thrilling adventure to the most remote islands of Centopia, flying over treacherous seas, climbing mountains, and racing on rainbow freeways, in a battle to save the world from Toxor’s new army, and the dark magic of fear.


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