Moving With Care


An introductory movement workshop with Sarah Hopfinger from Pain & I.

This workshop shares some of the movement practices used by Sarah Hopfinger in the creation of Pain and I; an autobiographical performance about Sarah’s experience of living with chronic pain. In the workshop, Sarah will guide participants through a series of dance practices that focus on care and finding pleasure in the body. We will work with intentions for free and improvised movement – such as ‘move as a practice of care for your body’ and ‘follow the thread of pleasure’. This relaxed, warm, and welcoming workshop offers gentle prompts to connect with your body as it is and to explore your own movement, rather than following set steps or routines.

The exercises have been particularly designed to embrace diverse bodies, disability, and those with chronic pain, however, the workshop is open to all who are curious to explore moving gently, with no previous dance experience required. Some exercises may involve optional physical contact. Participants are invited to move in ways that are most caring and comfortable for their bodies and can opt in or out of the session as they choose.

The practices shared in this workshop have been developed by the artist Sarah Hopfinger, in response to living with chronic pain and her research into what it means to dance with pain. She has developed ways of approaching choreography in response to the questions: What does it mean to collaborate creatively with pain? How can we work creatively with our bodies as they are? What kinds of movement emerge when the intention is to care for your body?

The workshop is free and 90 mins long with a short break.

Please bring a notebook and pen and wear comfortable clothes. Layers recommended!

Recommended age: 16 +



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