Young Adult Drama

A golden age is ending.
There have been three years of winter.
The sun hangs low in the sky, unmoving, and the bonds of kinship are failing.

A young girl and her brother battle forward, seeking a future in a promised land. Two souls in a sea of thousands, they move through a fractured world as dream and reality clash around them. 

A collision of ancient myth and modern spectacle, Ragnarok takes its inspiration from Norse mythology’s cyclical tale of the same name. It is a story about fate and self-determination, mortals and gods, the world’s end and its rebirth.

What is it to be one face in a million, walking through the end of your world?The world is breaking.

Ragnarok creates a bold, haunting and multisensory theatrical world, populated by scores of hand-crafted clay figures and an atmospheric immersive soundtrack. 
Multi-award-winning Tortoise in a Nutshell create an enthralling new production that fuses forms to stunning effect; blending human performance, puppetry and hand-crafted live animation. Created in a 2-month development period in 2019 in a small Norwegian village within the Arctic Circle, the performance’s initial premiere was stalled by the pandemic and its touring life has been halted until now.

Ragnarok is an international co-production between Tortoise in a Nutshell in co-production with Firgurteatret I Nordland (Nordland Visual Theatre) and in association with MacRobert Arts Centre.


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