Romeo and Juliet

Classical Drama

One of the most famous and classic stories of all time, this 21st century Romeo and Juliet reminds us that acts of love and sacrifice can bring hope and change in the face of darkness.    

This new interpretation, designed by an outstanding creative team and directed by award-winning director Kate Nelson, imagines Verona as a walled and gated city; where citizens are denied the freedom to choose who they love and how they live and where their destinies are dictated by those at the ‘top’. 

Physically charged and energetic in pace, this is an urgent and powerful retelling of the timeless story following the plight of Romeo, Mercutio, Benvolio, Tybalt, Juliet and Paris and the tragedy that ensues when Romeo and Juliet are denied the freedom to love each other.    

a sparky and inventive production … and entertaining opener for the new theatre.

the stage

A Cumbernauld Theatre Company production. Romeo and Juliet is suitable for everyone 12 years and older (S2 – S6).

All images by Robin MItchell.

Romeo and Juliet is elligible for our schools and organised groups discount: for every 10 tickets you book, you get the 11th ticket free of charge.

Please note that the performances of Romeo and Juliet taking place on Friday 8 October at 7.00pm and on Saturday, 9 October at 2.30pm and 7.00pm show will be performed to a reduced capacity audience.

The 2.30pm performance of Romeo and Juliet on Saturday, 9 October will be a BSL signed performance. 

Running time: 2 hours including interval 


Cast and Creative Team

Jack Hunter – Mercutio, Montague and Nurse
Angus Taylor – Sampson and Romeo
Leah Byrne – Gregory and Juliet
Dylan Blore – Benvolio, Capulet and Friar Laurence
Rhys Anderson – Prince, Tybalt, Paris and Friar John

Director – Kate Nelson
Creative Producer – Cat Sheridan
Production Manager – Matt Nevans
Lighting Designer – George Tarbuck
Sound Designer – Pippa Murphy
Designer – Ali MacLaurin
Video Designer – Tim Reid
Technician – Craig Crawford
Wardrobe – Anna-Catherina and Sophie Malcolm
Fight/Movement Director – Emma Claire Brightlyn
Stage Management – Hilly


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