Shorts For Middle Ones (8+)

Accessible cinema, Animation Cinema

This collection of short films for those aged eight and above is a mix of animation styles and promises something for everyone. Sometimes chaotic, sometimes very serious, there is no predicting where we will head next. These films are from Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the USA, but often they are such universal storylines they could have been made right here in Cumbernauld.

There are tales of brothers and sisters who turn fights into friendship, a renewed bonding between a young boy and his parents brought about by a friendly fox and an animated chase through a myriad of backdrops by some very strange characters. There’s a beautiful poetic account of the reflowering of the Yellowstone National Park after a devastating fire in 1988, and a melodic tale of music overcoming hatred of the unfamiliar (featuring an extremely perky raccoon).

These films are part of Dsicovery Film Festival On Tour 2022/2023



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