Singing I’m No A Billy, He’s A Tim

Comic Drama

Join Billy and Tim as they find themselves stuck in the medical room at Hampden Park during the Scottish Cup final between Rangers and Celtic after making a bet that backfires with spectacular consequences.

Throw in a gallus wee Glaswegian ghost on a mission from God and a fierce Polish nurse with no time for nonsense and watch ninety minutes of outrageous comedy unfold. 

Can the countries’ daftest duo stick to the truce they made back in their prison cell, or will another confined space force them to reveal their true team colours once again?

Singin’ I’m no a Billy he’s a Tim 2 will take you on a priceless comical journey like you’ve never witnessed before and promises to have you laughing so hard you’ll be begging for extra time.

Contains hilarious dialogue some people may find offensive.

Starring Chris Taylor (Tim), Darren Connell (Scot Squad) (Billy), Neil Bratchpiece (Ghost) and Zofia Sokolowitcz (Nurse).

Over 16s only.

A Celtic-Rangers rivalry, ghostly apparitions and great comedy lines




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