Super Fan- Like Animals

Contemporary Drama

Like Animals is a funny and poignant investigation into love and communication in human (and not-so-human) relationships.

A parrot says ‘I love you’.
A dolphin tries to speak.
A woman spends a lifetime trying to understand.

Inspired by true stories of animal language experiments and performed by a real couple, it blends surreal comedy with moments of tenderness
and vulnerability to explore the impossibility of ever truly knowing someone else.

The show weaves together stories from performers Kim and Pete’s own relationship, glimpsing some of their miscommunications, missed signals and crossed wires along the way.

The performance on Sunday, 3 April will be a BSL signed performance.
There will be a post-show discussion following the performance on Sunday, 3 April. The post-show discussion will also be BSL signed.

Suitable for: 14 + years | Contains adult themes and swearing


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