Elaine Lennon’s ‘The Homebird Sessions’: Horse

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Award-winning singer-songwriter & TEDx Speaker Elaine Lennon originally created the online version of The Homebird Sessions at the start of the lockdown in 2020 with the aim to connect with and talk to people who can open both hearts and minds through music. In each session, Elaine will be in conversation and concert with some of the finest songwriters from the UK and the US, as they take turns to share their songs from their latest albums and personal stories from their journeys into music.

A must see for music fans and writers everywhere – relaxed, warming & welcoming.

The Herald

HORSE is an iconic and utterly unique singer/songwriter, her voice described as ‘a finely honed instrument, together with ‘breathtaking stagecraft’. Her music is both moving and uplifting, the audience is totally absorbed whenever she performs.

With a successful career expanding over three decades, she has opened and toured with various international artists, including Tina Turner, BB King, Bryan Ferry, Burt Bacarach. One of her best-known songs Careful was covered by Will Young.

Her first record deal was with EMI/Capitol circa 1990. To date, she has released nine albums including The Same Sky and God’s Home Movie. God’s Home Movie on the MCA/Universal label. Her current album HOME was released on her own label Randan Records.

In addition to writing and performing, Horse also presents The Iain Anderson show at various times. Horse’s unparalleled live performances showcase, not only her vocal range and the unique texture and tone that is virtually missing from today’s music, but also her relationship to her fans. Currently writing and recording her next album, a single will be released ahead of the same sky tour 2


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