The Super Special Disability Roadshow

Young Adult Drama

By Birds of Paradise, commissioned by Imaginate and supported by Cumbernauld Theatre.

The Super Special Disability Roadshow film is being presented by a passionate young producer who is frustrated that disability equality issues are still not changing fast enough – “look at this film from the past that I found” – “they thought it was better but it’s still not” – “why do people still not understand?” The producer – Sam – has been on a global lecture tour, examining why things have not moved on and gathering new stories from around the whole world – meeting as many people as they can. 

Along comes an audience member who thinks they get it but just don’t quite. This Alien explorer is about to head back to planet Eq to report on their finding of this human phenomena ‘disability’ – they were about to go but their scanners brought up this show and they thought they would swing by.  They have prepared a report – about the various ways human beings treat disabled people around the world.

As the audience is watching the film our alien keeps interrupting – asking questions and disagreeing. Sam elicits the audience’s help to challenge the alien on their assumptions.  The alien is naturally inquisitive and takes everything at face value – as aliens tend to do – and needs to go on a journey just as Rob did in the film.

The outcome? The alien takes SSDR intergalactic! Or do we ever know if they ‘get it’?


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