Toddler Tuesday: Tad the Lost Explorer and The Curse of the Mummy (U)

Toddler Tuesday

We would love to welcome you and your little ones to our Toddler Tuesday for an adventure with Tad, that takes him from Mexico to Chicago and from Paris to Egypt, to find a way to end the curse of the Mummy.

Toddler Tuesdays

Each Tuesday you can join us for a kids film in an environment to suit both you and your wee one. These toddler-friendly screenings of The Little Mermaid will have several adjustments to create a comfy movie experience:

  • Softer lighting levels
  • Lowered film volume
  • Free movement around the cinema
  • Colouring available at the Lanternhouse Café
  • One free seat for little ones (under 12 months). Booked through the box office.



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