In Photos: Rehearsals for Bold Girls

Our new production of Bold Girls by Rona Munro will open on 24 September. Rehearsals are currently taking place in our Dance Studio – take a peek!

It’s 1991 in West Belfast. Despite the bombs, the soldiers, and their husbands being either locked away or killed, Marie, Cassie, and Nora are determined to get on with their lives. That is, until a mysterious young woman turns up on Marie’s doorstep, disrupting their girls’ night out and bringing devastating revelations that threaten to leave their friendships changed forever. Sharply funny, moving, yet never shying from the harsh realities of life during the Troubles, Bold Girls is a celebration of women’s strength under siege.

The play is returning to Cumbernauld more than 30 years after its first performance at our previous home in the Cottage Theatre, where the acclaimed original production by the legendary 7:84 company opened in 1990. This new production is being directed by Michael Duke, and will star Pauline Goldsmith, Katya Searle, Julie Martis, and Leigh Lothian.

This play is a modern classic – so many people in Scotland have seen it, or read it in school. Plays don’t get that sort of status for no reason – it’s full of brilliantly written characters that audiences recognise, it has a great story, and so many memorable moments. It’s set against the darkest period of the conflict in Northern Ireland, among these women who are laughing and battling their way through desperate times, until they eventually have to face up to secrets that might break up even these life long friendships.

Michael Duke, Director

See rehearsal images below (Greg Macvean photography).


Rachel Murphy

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