Life of the Party

December 2022, Studio Theatre

In this production for under 5s, party objects come to life to discover their unique personalities and learn how to work in harmony to create the perfect party. It’s a show about finding your voice, and learning how to navigate your body and the world. Most of all, it is about celebrating the joys (and challenges) of being part of a family and community, uniting us all with a common language of movement, expression and light.

On a dark stage, a little light begins to flicker.
Soon after, a sound starts to come from the light.
Not just a sound, but a voice!
Soft and slow, sighing, then humming.
The light soon learns how to make other sounds too!
Long vowels and prickly consonants,
giggles and song,
as it shines on the objects around it.
A sparkly disco ball starts to find its spin.
And in time, other objects follow suit.
Babbling and toddling, finding their voice together.
Until at last, a party is born.

Cast & Creative Team

Creators/performers: Sally Charlton & Althea Young
Lighting designer: Chris Ferrie
Sound designer: Greg Sinclair
Production Manager: Sarah Wilson
Voice Actor: Isaac Wilson
Dramaturg: Ivor MacAskill
Executive Producer: Alex Bird
Producer: Amanda Glover


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