Meet our new board members

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of three new Board Members of Cumbernauld Theatre Trust: Edward Edgcumbe from Dunedin Consort, Alan Caldwell, a civil servant, and Gregor Duthie, a solicitor.

Edward Edgcumbe (left), Alan Caldwell (middle), Gregor Duthie (right).

Edward Edgcumbe’s working life has been a patchwork of the musical and non-musical. Before joining Dunedin Consort full time as Head of Artistic Planning & Operations. Edward spent almost a decade working for a research and strategy boutique, advising senior figures in the world’s largest consulting firms on topics from acquisition strategy to sustainability.

Previously one of Dunedin Consort’s learning & participation managers, he was an Open Academy Fellow and is a co-founder of Hold the Drama, an Arts Council England supported group that creates immersive shows that use high-quality live music to tell stories that explore issues around mental health.

He holds degrees in Classics from Magdalen College, Oxford, and the Royal Academy of Music, where he studied as a countertenor with Michael Chance, Larry Zazzo, and James Baillieu.

Alan Caldwell grew up in Cumbernauld and worked in financial services for 13 years before joining the Civil Service in 2008. Over the past 15 years Alan has performed key high profile organisational roles within government, working with senior colleagues, Ministers and stakeholders, and gaining an understanding of complex and fast-paced issues and corporate responsibilities. Alan was previously a director of a professional football club, with overall responsibility for the budgeting and future direction of the company.

Gregor Duthie is a passionate advocate for the arts, drawing on personal experiences as a member of choral and theatre groups during his formative years. With a professional background as a practising solicitor specialising in advising Scottish SMEs in the real estate sector, Gregor sees being a Board member of Cumbernauld Theatre as an opportunity to give back to the arts community. Having previously run an amateur dramatic society in Glasgow, he has been actively involved in the local arts scene since moving to Cumbernauld and Kilsyth in 2017. Impressed by the new Lanternhouse facilities and his own experience performing on its main stage, he was eager to contribute his expertise in shaping the future roadmap for this flagship building.

His commitment to fostering community engagement and celebrating the diversity of programming, coupled with his extensive professional legal and business experience, makes him an invaluable asset to the trust. Currently a Legal Director at Gilson Gray LLP, he has practised as a solicitor for over 17 years and brings a wealth of expertise, dedication, and a strong sense of responsibility to his role.

I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to Edward, Alan, and Gregor as non-executive Directors of Cumbernauld Theatre. Each of them brings a wealth of expertise that will greatly benefit our work. Edward’s deep knowledge of classical music and creative learning, Alan’s financial acumen and governance experience, and Gregor’s legal skills alongside strong ties to the local arts community, will undoubtedly enrich our collective efforts.

Together, we will continue to work passionately toward our vision of a vibrant and thriving performing arts space where memories are made and lives are transformed. I am truly excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for Cumbernauld Theatre and the positive impact we will make together.

Sarah Price, CEO

It has been my utmost pleasure to serve as the Chair of Cumbernauld Theatre Trust since its relocation to Lanternhouse in 2021. As my tenure as Chair nears its end, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the dedicated team of trustees, both past and present, for their unwavering support throughout this journey. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to our new board members, Edward, Alan, and Gregor, who join us at a crucial juncture. Their remarkable energy and expertise will undoubtedly bolster our ongoing efforts to strengthen and futureproof our position within the performing arts infrastructure in Scotland. With the exceptional dedication and experience of our existing board members, Iain MacKenzie, Councillor Adam Smith, Karen McDougall, Alex Linkston and Clara Bloomfield, I have full confidence that the charity will continue to thrive under this capable leadership.

Karen Moore, Chair


Rachel Murphy

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