Robin Hood

December 2021, Main Auditorium

The production was workshopped in the rehearsal process involving the cast; Julia Murray, Amy Helena, Rosalind McAndrew, Chiara Sparkes and Lauren Ellis-Steele who have contributed hugely as collaborators. British Sign Language has been a major component in the development of this show, with strong guidance from BSL Consultant Jamie Rea, and interpreters Helen Dunipace, Yvonne Strain, Melissa Toner and Jill Gallacher.

Thanks to Re-Set Scenery, Mack and Rose and Solar Bear.

There is something strange happening in Robin’s neighbourhood. Freaky storms, eerie events and bizarre bureaucrats keep getting in the way of the perfect school holiday for Robin and her gang. But one mysterious new arrival in their forest hideout might just turn things around.

This Robin Hood would never be seen in tights and together Robin and her band offer a surprising twist on a favourite fable.

When dreaming up a festive story for families coming to the new theatre, I wanted to celebrate treasured memories from my own childhood – the fun of playing outside with my cousins in Cumbernauld.

Often our games revolved around recreating favourite US movies and cartoons. I’ve written a Christmas show with the kind of heroes those freedom seeking kids related to – more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles than Prince Charming!

Audiences can expect a show made especially for Cumbernauld this Christmas as we indulge in how good it is to celebrate in person with one another again. You will be in for a wild, fabulous, and furiously silly time.

Eve Nicol

Full of synth-sational music, twists, turns and extra-terrestrial encounters, this Robin Hood is a fresh new take on the classic tale of freedom, friendship, and rebellion.

Robin Julia Murray
LJ Amy Helena
Tuck Rosalind McAndrew
Scarlett Chiara Sparkes

Sarge Lauren Ellis- Steele
Director Fiona Mackinnon
Writer Eve Nicol
Creative Producer Cat Sheridan
Technical Production Manager Matt Nevans
Designer Alisa Kalyanova
Composers Novasound; Lauren Gilmour& Audrey Tait
Sound Design Rachel Pryde & Adam Tucker
Assistant Director Amy McCombes (FST Bursary Recipient)
Design Assistant Fraser Lappin
Associate LX Designer & Programmer Oliver McNally
Stage Manager Rachel Pryde
Deputy Stage Manager Nina Madriz
BSL Consultant Jamie Rea
Head Scenic Artist Chloe Hurrel
Wardrobe Assistant Claire Sharp
Puppet Maker Leah Kurzep


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