Strut: Outdoor Street Performance Comes to the streetS of Cumbernauld

Join us for MHz’s FREE outdoor performance of STRUT in partnership with Cumbernauld Theatre on Thursday 29 February (Kildrum) and Friday 1 March (Carbrain) between 7 and 8pm.

STRUT is a nighttime performance and projection parade shining the light on 5 talented dancers with a connection to Cumbernauld whose personal choreographies reflect the celebratory energy of the town with Jazz, Latin, Freestyle, Happy Hardcore and Contemporary dance styles in the mix.

These talented movers and shakers were selected from a wide-ranging Open Call, with the help of a community panel. The rotating one-performer parade weave its way around locations in Kildrum and Carbrain with spectators watching from the pavement, waving from their windows or following the event and dancing along.

The show will be broadcast live on youtube here.


The procession will visit these streets on the following dates and times:


Thursday 29 February: 7pm to 8pm
Start Point: Where Braehead Rd meets Kildrum Rd
Route: a loop around Braehead Rd Estate


Friday 1 March: 7pm to 8pm, Carbrain
Start Point: Glenacre Rd North
Route: From Glenacre Rd North to Glenacre Rd South

Dancer Bios


Nicole is 18 years old and dances diverse styles such as jazz, commercial, hip hop, contemporary and lyrical. She loves dancing as a way to express herself in ways that words can’t. Nicole says:

I feel inspired when I dance and hope to inspire others to dance and feel how I feel. I am very exited to be involved in STRUT to give people a great show and show people why I dance and how much it means to me. I have family and friends who live in Cumbernauld and I love to go and visit them.


11-year-old Connor is a freestyle dancer who loves to listen to music and just have fun. He lives Cumbernauld and attends school locally taking part in various clubs including horse riding and basketball.

I am excited to be involved with Strut because it’s an exciting opportunity to have fun while doing something that I love. I love free style dance because I love to improvise and do moves on the spot. I don’t attend dance classes but like to make my own moves.


Juan (36) is originally from Spain and has been living in Scotland for the past 10 years while studying to become an engineer. He performs many kinds of dance styles but has a passion for Latin rhythms.

Hola! my name is Juan (like number 1 but with “j”). And I am a 36 year old Spaniard. I live not too far from Cumbernauld and I have been living in Scotland last 10 years where I have completed my studies as engineer and found the jobs and hobbies that make me happy.

Of course, my number 1 hobby is dancing. For me it is more a way of life, as it motivates me to express myself, connect with people, keep moving and have fun. I started dancing socially with Latin music but last year I decided to start dancing at college and work from home :). Crazy idea right? It made me super busy, but it fills me with joy to wake up and learn new dance styles and doing shows that I only dreamed about and still keep my body in one piece! (touch wood).

So now I am excited to be part of STRUT and I am going to show you back what I learned in these lands. Hope you like it.


13-year-old Lily Isabella Farish is a Cumbernauld native where she attends the local secondary school. Lily has been dancing since she was 2 years old and performs all different kinds of dance including lyrical, modern, ballet, tap, cheer and hip hop. She is currently working towards her annual dance exams and an annual dance show.

Lily says: “I love to dance as it makes me feel happy and allows me to express myself and be creative. I also love to choreograph my own dances to different styles of music. I am excited to be involved in STRUT as I love performing and making people smile as I dance. It is also a great opportunity for me to show everyone the passion I have for dancing and I can’t wait to dance in the live performances.


Leanne (36) performs all styles of dance but one of her favourites is Latin. She has a hip hop and street dance school in Cumbernauld called Blok Dance Academy in where she teaches children of all ages. She also trains partners up for charity events and ‘strictly’ style competitions.

I love dancing and have danced from the age of three and still perform to this day. I attended Telford college where I studied professional stage dance and I have a degree in sports coaching. By day I’m a primary school teacher and in the evening I like to spend my time dancing. I grew up in Cumbernauld and still live here. I’m excited to be part of the STRUT project and can’t wait to perform!

pictures by Brian Hartley/ StillMotion

Delivered by Mhz in association with Cumbernauld Theatre Trust and Feral. Funded by Creative Scotland’s Touring Fund for Theatre & Dance.


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