Winter has always been a time for great stories. And Treasure Island is a great story. Robert Louis Stevenson’s timeless tale has captured the imagination of people all over the world ever since it was first published in 1882. 140 years later, we are thrilled to bring our own spin on this classic adventure to Cumbernauld Theatre at Lanternhouse this season.

Our version of Treasure Island is really a celebration of the power of a good story. We passionately believe that stories have the power to change minds, ignite imaginations and transform the world.

For generations, Stevenson’s vivid depictions of buccaneers and buried gold are what we think of when we picture a pirate. With each turn of the page, you encounter larger than life characters and scenes packed full of action and adventure. We wanted to capture all of this in our telling of the story. But we wanted to do something else too.

Our story is about bravery. In the original story, the hero, Jim Hawkins is the bravest boy in the world. He jumps on ships to travel around the world, he fights with pirates, and he explores far-away islands looking for gold. Which is all undoubtedly brave.

But we wanted to capture another kind of bravery. The type of bravery that goes on every day throughout Scotland. For some children, opening their bedroom door each morning requires phenomenal amounts of bravery. We wanted to celebrate that bravery too. And so, in our story, we introduce you to Robbie. The boy who lives in the smallest bedroom of the smallest house on the smallest street of Cumbernauld. Over the course of one night, he falls in love with the story of Treasure Island. We hope you will fall in love with it too.

So come in from the cold, take a seat, and make yourself comfortable. We have a great story to tell you…

– Ross MacKay (Writer)
– Jordan Blackwood (Director)

Cast & Creative Team

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Production Manager: Camilla O’Neill
Technical Manager: Matt Nevans
Stage Manager: Ellie Condon & Craig McNeill
Deputy Stage Manager: Gillian Richards
Theatre Technician: Adam Tucker
Technical Assistant: Dylan McLay
Wardrobe Supervisor: Sophie Ferguson

Creative Producer (Cumbernauld Theatre): Fraser Morrison
Producer (Visible Fictions): Laura Penny
Executive Producer: Dougie Irvine

Five Fun Facts about Pirates

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Fun Facts about Robert Louis Stevenson

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Interview with The Director

Interview with The Writer

The Scotsman

I wanted to write something about what it means to be brave

Ross MacKay

Writer Ross McKay sat down with Mark Fisher at The Scotsman to share his personal journey and inspiration for writing this retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story.


Photo Credit: Mihaela Bodlovic

Thanks to: Scottish Opera Costume department, Kevin McGuiness, Pete Livingstone, The Jimbo, Jools Walls, Phil Cunningham, Archie MacFarlane, The Lyceum, Davy O’Neill, Lisa Stanway, Theatre Stuff, Que Props and everyone else who has made this production possible.

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