A New International

Pop Music

From Glasgow to the world, new Scottish romanticism; a little bit of this and a whole lot of that, A New International is searching for another pop music.

A New International came to be in 2013, raised from the ashes of The Starlets, inspired by Scott Walker, Calexico, Beirut, Ennio Morricone, The Associates and more. Albums include the critically acclaimed debut ‘Come to the Fabulon’ The Dark Carnival – soundtrack and title of a major theatre show created in collaboration with Vanishing Point Theatre Company and which toured nationally in 2019, receiving rave reviews, and newly released lockdown album ‘Lost and Later Songs.

Jacques Brel meets Ennio Morricone in Barcelona, 1937, lyrics by George Orwell… dangerous, strange and heartbreakingly beautiful.

Ricky Ross

…rare and marvellous…a musical poem… sit back and revel in this strange and wonderful entertainment

The Scotsman on ‘Come to Fabulon’

If this doesn’t stop you in your tracks and fill you with a wonder about art, your heart is deaf

Is this Music?

Photography © Ryan McGoverne



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