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When 2020 ground to a halt, it could have been the end for Savage Mansion, a hardworking collective drawing from a diverse palette of musical and literary influences.

Instead, with the excellent Golden Mountain, Here I Come scheduled for release this month on Lost Map Records, the band have doubled down, solidifying their reputation as one of the UK’s most prolific emerging guitar bands.

Re-emerging as a five-piece with Craig Angus (vocals, guitar), Andrew Macpherson (guitar), Beth Chalmers (keys), Jamie Dubber (bass) and Lewis Orr (drums), Golden Mountain, Here I Come is a record that’s hook-laden, poignant, and cryptic. It’s indie rock that’s both an instant feast for the senses and a rich tapestry of sounds and words to pour over and savour.

… instrumental definition across the record is sublime with punchy basslines, guitar melodies, clarinet, sax and more given space to pleasantly bob to the surface at just the right moments. Golden Mountain, Here I Come is full of songs you’ll be singing for days.

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Golden Mountain, Here I Come



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