Open call – Christmas Main Stage 2024

Cumbernauld Theatre Company are looking to support a new interpretation of a classic Christmas or Winter story to be created and presented as our Main Stage production in December 2024.

We love a great story and so telling a good story should be at the heart of the experience you want to create for our audiences. Is there a story that you and your team are yearning to tell next festive season? What story do you think audiences will be excited to hear in Cumbernauld? 

What we are looking for

We’re looking for daring and theatrical approaches to telling a well-known recognised story. It will be a story you love and believe in your heart that audiences in Cumbernauld will love too. It will be a story and production that appeals to family and school audiences. It may have puppets, it may have live musicians and dance, it may have live and recorded digital camera work, it may have no set whatsoever – it’s your idea. We just need to know what you are thinking and why you want to tell your story this way. 

What we need to know

We’re looking for teams of creatives living and working in Scotland to articulate to us their approach to creating this Christmas production – with artistic idea development, script commissioning, and/or your devising process clearly defined. We want to hear: 

  • how your idea can be accessible and artistic, how it will be Scottish at its core but international in its appeal 
  • how you have given thought to the community the work is being made for and how the work will relate to our community 
  • how your idea relates to the community in Cumbernauld and North Lanarkshire and at the same time embody universally/internationally recognised themes 
  • how you will celebrate the cultural diversity of the audience as much as the story’s content – and we are keen to know how diverse voices will shape the work you want to make. 

First and foremost, we want to support a great idea for a great show. We welcome those with lots, or a little professional theatre-making experience to submit ideas. As long as you can show us you have a level of professional experience that will allow you to realise your artistic and ambitious idea. 

How to tell us

Tell us on no more than three pages of A4 (or by video – no more than 7 mins in length):

  • what story you want to tell and why it might appeal to audiences during the festive season 
  • how you plan to turn it into a piece of theatre – let us know what theatrical form, shape, structure, style, your show will take. Help us understand the type of show you want it to become and why 
  • a timeline for making the piece – who is in the creative team (at this stage) and what makes them the best fit for this production. If you’re whole team isn’t in place, just articulate what your next steps might be and why 
  • how you will ensure that diversity is being recognised and celebrated 
  • You may include any other information (eg CVs, reviews of previous work, examples of work) but do help make sure your main submission articulates all we’ve asked for. 

Application guidelines

  • Cast size should be between 2 to 4 performers 
  • Audience demographic: 5yrs to 105yrs, Schools, families – mums and dads and grandparents etc. 
  • To be in line with Cumbernauld Theatre’s mission statement (see below) 
  • Rehearsal period – Monday 28 October to Saturday 23 November 2024
  • Performance run dates – Saturday 23 November to Saturday 28 December 2024

Resources that Cumbernauld Theatre IS committing

  • A professional production in our Main House auditorium (277 seats) 
  • A budget to cover all artist fees, performers, technical and production costs 
  • Access to excellent rehearsal space with natural light for 3 weeks 
  • Dressing room and Green room access 
  • Technical rehearsal week in our main auditorium 
  • Producer support from Cumbernauld Theatre from planning stages to production 
  • Technical support from our in-house team 
  • Marketing support from our in-house team 
  • Artistic support and guidance from an Executive Producer 

How to submit

Submissions should be sent to our Creative Producer, Fraser Morrison on no later than 5pm on Friday 1 December 2023

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their proposal on Thursday 14 December 2023. The invitations to Pitch will be issued no later than Thursday 7 December 2023, giving applicants one week to prepare. Please note that all creative teams invited to participate in the pitch sessions will be paid £65 per pitch.

Cumbernauld Theatre is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our productions. We encourage applications from artists of all backgrounds and experiences.

Additional Information

In addition, we expect the selected Creative Team to adhere to the values and behaviours of Cumbernauld Theatre. These values include a commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, promoting artistic excellence, and engaging with the local community. Full values and behaviours can be viewed in the attached document.

The Creative Team will work closely with our Creative Producer, Fraser Morrison, throughout the entire production process. This collaborative partnership will be essential in bringing the production to its fullest potential and aligning it with Cumbernauld Theatre’s artistic vision.

Furthermore, the Executive Producer overseeing this production will be Ken Alexander, who will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the role, ensuring that the production will receive the necessary support and resources to succeed.

About Cumbernauld Theatre at Lanternhouse

Cumbernauld Theatre is a vibrant and innovative theatre located in the heart of Cumbernauld, Scotland. Working at the heart of our community we are invested in defining our creativity and culture together, in delivering an arts programme that enhances our life, broadens our perspective and nurtures performance arts skills for a creative, innovative, fairer Scotland.

For more details visit our About Us pages.

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