Carla J Easton

Rock Music

Making music described as “glitter bursting from every chorus” and combining “the ominous glimmer of synth-wave with the maximalist fun of Carly Rae Jepsen’s ’80s throwbacks”, Carla J Easton is a pop songwriter with a back catalogue that would make most people envious.

Sitting proudly alongside The Vaselines, BMX Bandits (who have covered her songs) and Belle & Sebastian, with whom she co-wrote the track “Best Friend”, collaborating with Honeyblood and Solareye, she is considered alongside the best Scottish music has had to offer over the past few decades.

Linzi Clark has been honing her craft from a young age, soaking up inspiration from the people and places around her, and channelling her experiences into beautifully crafted songs that soar and yearn with love, warmth and curiosity.

A charming and natural performer on a stage, Clark pairs her soulful vocals with striking pop arrangements that balance the rich storytelling tradition of artists like Julia Jacklin, Regina Spektor and Kate Bush with modern Americana hues, and is equally captivating accompanied by a band, or just her guitar.

 Carla J Easton and Linzi Clark are part of our Olive Grove presents series of music events in the Lanternhouse Studio Theatre.



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