Sat 13 May (14:00)

Studio Theatre
Young Adult Drama

CLUNK ! . . a shiny, heavy thing falls out of Andi’s ear during class one day. What is it?

He and his Gran never keep secrets from each other, but Andi makes an exception with the weird ear thing. He keeps it in his pocket. Secret.

Andi’s home life is happy but complicated, he lives with his Gran above her video shop. His mum Hayley, who is at university, visits when she can. Gran and Andi tell each other everything, until one day they don’t…

Andi’s world is turned upside down when Gran becomes ill and the shop has to close due to mounting debts. So many secrets weigh heavily on Andi and his Gran. Turns out she had been sick for a long time and kept it to herself, along with the debts, and just like the thing in Andi’s ear, secrets can sometimes ruin everything.

Maybe Andi’s secret caused all this bad stuff to happen – or maybe it will be the thing that manages to save them all?

Clunk! is funny, moving, energetic tale that just about everyone can relate to in one way or another. It tackles themes that everyone, particularly young people are facing right now, about loss, fitting in, finding your own path, and the resilience needed to get through all this. It’s all done in a way that engages, and inspires young people and adults alike. It’s brought to life by just one actor and a gloriously moving and uplifting script. The feedback we have had from P6, P7 pupils, teachers, headteachers and parents support that this show is both brilliant and vital.

Visible Fictions Theatre Company


  • 13May

      Sat 14:00pm
      Studio Theatre

      Tickets £7.50.

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