Naughty Fox

Early Years Theatre

Snuggle up in a magical den with comfy creatures – Honk, Splash, and TaWit TaWoo – as they teach The Naughty Fox a very important lesson: it’s better to share.

Set in the magical forest, Fox goes on an adventure to learn from the Aurora that sharing is caring.

Feel your way through the immersive, multisensory journey of friendship and play for little ones and their grown-ups. Experience a world of puppetry, music, light projection and bubbly energy as our two storytellers bring household objects to life.

This performance is fully accessible and relaxed.

Just seen The Naughty Fox, it’s an absolute delight, a multisensory show for littleuns!

Maddie Moate, CBeebies

My eldest (3) never shares… when we got home with our naughty foxes, he kept sharing because “sharing is good mummy!

Parent Feedback

Video Designer and Illustrator – Caleb Simmons
Lighting Designer – Kevin Murphy
Performer – Eleanor Wright
Performer – Bri Malaika

Produced by Toucan Theatre.
Supported by Arts Council England and Stage One.
PMLD storytelling developed with St. Nicholas SEN(D) School, Canterbury.
Originally supported by The Marlowe, Canterbury.


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