The Family Magic Show

Sun 20 Oct (11:30 – 14:30)

Studio Theatre

Legendary magician the Great Baldini tells the story of his (and Baldwin the magical dog’s) life from his first trick to the height of their careers – attempting Houdini’s greatest escape. The show is packed with magic, puppetry, escapology, and the hunt for a child with Royal heritage. Hilariously silly.

Come and see two true magical superstars (Baldini and Baldwin) at the very pinnacle of their powers.

The Great Baldini is an award-winning member of the Magic Circle and the Bristol Stage Magic Champion.


Front Row, BBC Radio 4

Charming, engaging, and charismatic. A pleasure.



  • 20Oct

      Sun 11:30am
      Studio Theatre

      Tickets £7.50-10.00.

    • 20Oct

        Sun 14:30pm
        Studio Theatre

        Tickets £7.50-10.00.


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