Woman Walking

Contemporary Drama

I know you’re there. You’ve been there all this time. Watching.

Woman Walking by acclaimed Scottish playwright, Sylvia Dow, is inspired by the life of Nan Shepherd, and her love of the Cairngorms and the connection she had with the mountains.

Woman Walking is a beautifully poignant play imagining several interactions over a period of time between Cath, a modern woman carrying the guilt and trauma over the death of her mother, and Nan, long since deceased and brought back by Cath to help her find resolution through her dialogue with Nan and through the Cairngorms themselves in all their rough beauty, light and weather. Sylvia Dow’s play has both humour and pathos and brings themes of grief, resolution and the healing power of nature.

Directed by Becky Hope-Palmer with sound and music from Philip Pinsky.

As a piece of stage poetry it has some exquisitely memorable and lyrical moments

The Scotsman on ‘STUFF’ (2018)

The whole play made me yearn for getting out on the hills again!

audience member – performed reading (2022)


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