Digital Marketing and Communication Assistant

About Cumbernauld Theatre

Cumbernauld Theatre seeks a Digital Marketing and Communication Assistant to join our vibrant team at Lanternhouse, the new performing arts venue in Cumbernauld.

Cumbernauld’s new cultural home for theatre, cinema, music, comedy and dance offers state of the art facilities alongside performing arts classes and community creative learning projects. With a 270-seat main auditorium, 100 seat studio theatre, 80 seat cinema and dance studio this is an exciting opportunity to help us to build and enhance Cumbernauld Theatre Trust’s relationships with organisations and individuals living and working in the Cumbernauld area and to further cement the new arts venue as a cultural hub for the whole community.

job purpose & scope

The Digital Marketing and Communications Assistant at Cumbernauld Theatre plays a pivotal role in amplifying our mission to foster empowerment, community unity, and social change through the arts. Tasked with executing innovative digital marketing strategies under the Marketing and Communications Manager’s guidance, this role is instrumental in promoting inclusivity and sustainable arts at Lanternhouse arts centre. By managing social media, crafting compelling content, analysing engagement data, and bolstering communications, the Digital Marketing and Communications Assistant enhances our engagement with diverse audiences, supporting a rich array of live performances, cinema, community events and participatory arts activities.

The post holder should have a passion for Theatre and Performance arts and is expected to be committed to our vision and values, supporting our ambitions for artistic excellence in the delivery of our creative artistic programme, and to be an advocate for the valuable role that Cumbernauld Theatre plays as a cultural leader in North Lanarkshire and beyond.

Main duties & Responsibilities

  • Digital Content Creation: Develop content for our website, social media platforms, and email campaigns that celebrates and promotes Cumbernauld Theatre’s commitment to multi-disciplinary artistic excellence, equal and diverse community engagement and empowerment, fairworking and sustainability. Highlight stories that showcase the transformative impact of our work on individuals and the community. Promote inclusion for all within our empowering creative organisation.
  • Social Media Marketing: Elevate our social media presence to engage a broader and more diverse audience. Foster online communities that reflect our inclusive values and the vibrant cultural tapestry of our community. Schedule and monitor social media activity, engaging with our community and ensuring a consistent brand voice.
  • Email Marketing: Craft email campaigns that not only promote our events but also articulate the value of the arts in driving social change, community cohesion, and personal empowerment. Create and distribute email newsletters and email marketing campaigns.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Utilise analytics tools to gauge the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts against our strategic goals of expanding reach, enhancing accessibility, and promoting engagement across all sectors of our community. Using tools such as Google Analytics and social media insights, Spektrix reports, contributing customer engagement and behaviour information to reports for the Marketing and Communications Manager and wider Management team on request.
  • Event Promotion: Strategically promote a diverse range of events that cater to various demographics, including communities at risk of exclusion, ensuring the theatre remains a beacon of cultural unity and inclusivity. Work with the team to promote the Theatre’s busy programme of live performances, the cinema, participatory classes and workshops, and community events across digital channels.
  • Website Maintenance: Ensure the website serves as a hub for both information and inspiration, showcasing the theatre’s role as a leader in artistic excellence, community empowerment through the arts, sustainable and inclusive arts programming. Keep the theatre’s website up-to-date with event listings, news, and content.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with all departments to ensure a unified and strategic approach to digital marketing, aligning with the theatre’s ethos of creativity, collaboration, sustainability, and community empowerment. Supporting a seamless application of brand tone of voice across all platforms and channels of communications.

How to Apply

Please send the completed application form (below) by email or post, together with a covering letter to: 

Application Deadline: Monday 26 February at 17:00

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