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At Cumbernauld Theatre we want to support artists of all backgrounds, experiences and art-forms to develop their work and careers with us. For Actors, a key part of this support is being as transparent as we can about our casting process for our year-round producing work. For this very reason, this page aims to set out our philosophy, practice and process as clear as possible.  


At Cumbernauld Theatre Trust we are committed to hosting open casting calls for all of our in-house productions. This allows us to meet with actors who may not have formal representation and/or who are underrepresented on our stages. We believe in transparency and will be as clear as possible with all of our call outs. We are dedicated to creating a safe and supportive audition environment where actors are empowered to do their best work and believe in providing an equitable experience for all. Therefore, we will contact all actors invited to audition with an invitation to let us know about any access needs you may have.  

Inclusivity and Representation  

Cumbernauld Theatre Trust has made a commitment to centring lived experience across our work. We value diversity across our stages, staff and audiences. We acknowledge a key part of this is a commitment to casting disabled, trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary people, as well as people of colour in roles that are written as such and outside of these parameters. Occasionally, we may approach actors outside of an open casting call for a role if we have not found the right fit that encompasses the representation we are looking for. This is because we believe that representation matters and that whilst we may have a long way to go, we want to actively engage in addressing that.  

As a company we recognise that representation is just one part of a bigger and ongoing conversation around whose stories we tell and who is at the centre of the work we commission, programme and support. Therefore, we encourage you to get in touch and join us in this conversation with any thoughts, suggestions and experiences you may have with us. We want to learn and continue to evolve as an equitable, inclusive and supportive organisation.    

Please email any questions, queries or thoughts to our programming team at: 


Cumbernauld Theatre Trust will publish all casting calls on our website, on the Creative Scotland and FST’s opportunities websites, Spotlight and put out links to the casting information across our social media. Please do feel free to follow us for the latest casting updates. Our social media details are in the footer section of this page.


Our casting will be determined by auditions. The shape of the audition process will vary from production to production as we will co-design this in partnership with that show’s director.  

The casting decisions will be made by the director, with input from the show’s write and our Creative Producer.  

From start to finish the casting process will be as follows: 

  1. Casting call is drafted, approved and posted publicly on line as stated above.  
  1. Actors without representation are encouraged to apply directly to the contact details given with the casting call.  
  1. Actors with formal representation are encouraged to apply through their agents (this is to avoid any double applications).
  1. All submissions will be considered against the casting call breakdown and number of audition slots available. 
  1. Actors who are invited to audition will be contracted directly.
  1. Actors who are not invited to the next stage will be contacted by our Creative Producer and invited to apply again in the future. We want to be very clear that each production will be casting based on scripts often in development and just because we have not invited you to audition this time does not mean we will not see you in the future.. 
  1. We will invite all auditionee’s to let us know if any access needs or accommodations that we can make to support the audition process for you.  
  1. Information regarding the role, production, suggested dates and any script will be provided in advance of the audition, where available by our Creative Producer. Scripts will be sent electronically unless requested as a hard copy. 
  1. As we are a producing house, scripts will often be evolving and we reserve the right to continue to develop the script post casting.  
  1. Auditions will take place in person where possible at our theatre. However a blended model of zoom, live and self tape submission may also be asked for. 
  1. We will aim to be back in touch two weeks after you audition date. If you have not heard back by this point, please be aware that casting may be ongoing but feel free to contact for an update on progress. 
  1. Once a role has been offered we would hope to receive a response as soon as reasonably possible, in order that we can make other offers, if necessary, and not delay or impair the casting process. 
  1. We will always strive to be as clear as we can with our reasoning for making the casting choice and encourage all actors who audition with us to request feedback, which we will do our best to respond to.  

For any casting enquiries please contact: for Cumbernauld Theatre Trust.

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